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    Welcome to Intentional Encounter!  We’re glad, and honored, you’re here.

    Our mission is straight forward.  We hope to help Catholic men reclaim authentic manhood and encounter the person of Christ by gaining self-discipline through fitness, clean eating, and a renewed prayer life.

    Most of what you read here on Intentional Encounter will be written by either Mike Short or Ron Pereira.

    Mike Short

    Mike is married to his wife, Chasity, and they have 5 beautiful children. Mike currently works as a police officer and is a SWAT team leader.

    Mike obtained a CrossFit instructor certification and helps run a gym that trains police and firefighters to be able to take on the various unknown physical tasks required of them in their jobs.

    For three years Mike also studied St. John Paul II’s great work, Theology of the Body as a part of the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team (TOBET).

    Ron Pereira

    Ron and his wife, Genni, have been blessed with 7 children and live in Keller, Texas where they homeschool their kids.

    Ron is the co-founder of an online training company and enjoys camping with his son and his Troops of Saint George brothers.  He also enjoys working around the house, relaxing with his family, and watching all of his kids participate in youth sports.

    Ron is originally from Ohio and most definitely bleeds scarlet and grey… Go Bucks!

    What to Expect

    We are extremely serious about what we’re doing and are committed to adding at least two new articles per week to the website.

    We also plan to begin making videos and, eventually, hosting a podcast.  But we have enough to write about to keep us busy for some time!

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