40 Day Intentional Wellness Plan Check Up

By Mike Short

Check Up

Have you begun the Intentional Wellness Plan (if not download it for free below this article) and wonder where we’re going with these simple 10 minute workouts? Then this article is for you.

The ease of a “workout” that only calls for 10 push-ups, 10 squats and 10 crunches can’t have much to offer right? I thought this was supposed to be CrossFit! After all, the Reebok CrossFit Games that air on ESPN depict the sport as an incredible athletic feat.

The athletes who compete truly are the “fittest on earth” as the brand advertises. And while it’s true these athletes are very impressive, they only represent a tiny percentage of the CrossFit community and give a false notion of what the core of CrossFit is about.

So, before you throw the Intentional Wellness Plan in the garbage because you aren’t doing any butterfly pull-ups or unbroken muscle ups yet, let me explain why we’re starting where we are and the direction we’re headed.

Most of us starting this new plan haven’t been in any kind of fitness routine for quite some time and we sure haven’t been paying attention to the kind of food we scarf down, unless you mean the number of helpings we eat.

So even though our minds tell us that we’re 23 and are still a part of the 300lb Bench Press Club and can run a 6 minute mile, our bodies tell us something drastically different. If you’re anything like me, you’re anxious to hurry up and get to the hard stuff. Unfortunately, doing that is almost sure to leave you with an injury that will sideline you even longer.

Fitness, just like any acquired skill such as mathematics or shooting, will diminish over time if not practiced. Use it or lose it.

The idea behind beginning slowly has two basic fundamental ideas: (1) begin creating consistent and positive habits, and (2) develop the core strength and range of motion necessary to move on to more dynamic movements.

By getting up every morning and knocking out your workout, however simple it may seem, you’re training your brain to place fitness into your day. This habit of exercise, just like prayer, will help build the routine of making time for taking care of yourself so that in turn you can take care of others.

This slow change in your daily habit will lead to consistency, core strength, and a full incorporation of exercise in your life. Once we master these smaller steps, then we’ll be able to handle more difficult workouts down the road without injury or giving up.

We all know that in order to support a house you first must have a solid foundation. The slow start to our workouts are intended to build a strong foundation in two areas: strength and increased range of motion. Both of these skills are imperative to have dialed in before you begin more intense work outs.

Yes, there is a disadvantage that you have by doing these movements in your own home and not at a gym where there are certified trainers to help you when your technique goes south.  However, I wouldn’t tell you to do anything I haven’t done myself. This is how I learned and developed these movements in my own garage. By watching the videos we provide and practicing on your own you can gain the confidence in the points of performance that are outlined in the videos.

Going slow and developing the strength and the range of motion necessary for these types of workouts will set you up to perform at a high level down the road.

I hope that you’re creating new, long lasting habits with the Intentional Wellness Plan. Please share your experience… we’d love to hear how it’s going!