3 Must Listen Catholic Podcasts

The past few months I’ve discovered a few different types of Catholic media I’d really encourage folks check out.  In particular, there are some really good podcasts out there.

The first one I want to point out is from Fr. Mike Schmitz.  This isn’t really a traditional podcast… instead he shares his most recent homily.  And, let me just say, Fr. Mike can preach!  He preaches to students on a college campus but his messages resonate with me and I’m 44-years-old!   He’s currently working through an awesome Lenten series called “The Root.”

If you’re an iPhone user you can also subscribe to these homilies in the Podcast app… just search for “UMD Catholic Campus” and you’ll find it.  I haven’t check the Android friendly, Stitcher app, but you may be able to find them there as well.

Next up is Mike’s personal favorite… Fr. John Riccardo.  These are also homilies which are fantastic.  You can also find these podcasts in the iPhone app… just search for “Fr. John Riccardo’s Podcasts.”  Again, I haven’t check the Android friendly, Stitcher app, but you may be able to find them there as well.

And last, but certainly not least, I’d like to point you to Fr. Larry Richards.  But, let me just say… if you’re feeling a little sensitive and need a hug… you might want to pass on Fr. Larry until you’re ready to man up.  Why?  Easy.  Fr. Larry doesn’t mess around.  He tells it like it is and sometimes, men, the truth punches us square in the face.

So if want to fill your ears with some Catholic awesomeness… give these three a spin!

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!

WOD 022818

Sorry yesterday’s WOD was posted late.  If you worked out yesterday please use today as active recovery.  If you didn’t work out yesterday here is the WOD we posted late.

Tabata the following:

  • HR Push-ups
  • Butterfly Sit-ups
  • Russian Twists (R+L = 1)

WOD 022618

For Time:

Note: The Wall Balls are meant to help you be consistent and to squat below parallel during your DB thrusters.  So when you do a DB thruster simply squat until your butt touches the wall ball.  Don’t use the wall ball to “rebound” (i.e. no bouncing).  If the wall ball doesn’t allow you to break below parallel please see if you can find something that does.  This WOD should be a burner.  Please treat it as such.

Run 200 meters

21 DB Thrusters to Wall Ball (note weight used in comments)

21 Jumping Pull-ups

Run 200 meters

15 DB Thrusters to Wall Ball (note weight used in comments)

15 Jumping Pull-ups

Run 200 meters

DB Thrusters to Wall Ball (note weight used in comments)

9 Jumping Pull-ups

If you allow the status quo to persist, you can’t expect to improve performance, and you can’t expect to win. – Jocko Willink

WOD 022218

EMOM for 14 min

8 SB Cleans

40 Jump Rope Singles

Post times and Spiritual Training to comments.

The most powerful weapon to conquer the devil is humility. For, as he does not know at all how to employ it, neither does he know how to defend himself from it. -Saint Vincent de Paul

Lent…What’s the Point?

Conversion is the point of Lent.  It’s the turning away from the direction you were headed and finding your bearings aimed in a totally new way.  This is meant to happen for each of us regardless of where we are on our spiritual journey because discipleship is a decision we must encounter daily.  Conversion is relational…just as taking vows fifteen years ago signified the beginning of the bond with your wife, it is the daily decision to die unto self for her benefit that makes a marriage.

Unfortunately we often look towards Lent as a sort of self help project.  A time to curb appetites for certain pleasures so that we can come out of the 40 days being good, or a little better than before.  However, this approach to Lent is flawed.  It is directed inwardly instead of onwardly…toward the direction that God wants us to move.  Fr. Riccardo  talked about this Lenten flaw in his recent Ash Wednesday homily.

Tools of the Trade

Give alms…Pray to your Father…Fast without a gloomy face…(Matthew 6:1-18)

Traditionally, Catholics have looked to Jesus’ words in Matthew to forge the tools that Our Lord wants to give us to experience true conversion.  Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving are the three pillars of the Christian life.  They are critical tools for our daily decision to convert from our inward approach to life and begin living for the God who is never boring or disinterested.  If we find ourselves thinking that God and religion are boring, then we haven’t encountered Him and are projecting our own boring existence onto Him.

For most of us we spend Lent focused only on the fasting part and ignore the other two pillars.  Prayer and Almsgiving are just as critical for our conversion and provide ways for us to connect with the One who can bring us true joy and also encounter Him in our brothers and sisters…often appearing in His most distressing disguise.

Now is the time to use all of the tools that were given to us to walk down the path of holiness and experience true conversion during this most Holy season.  Pope Francis is constantly drawing us out of our comfort zone and implores us to heed Christ’s call for us to clothe Him, feed Him, give Him drink and visit Him.

“Fasting makes sense if it really chips away at our security and, as a consequence, benefits someone else, if it helps us cultivate the style of the Good Samaritan, who bent down to his brother in need and took care of him.” – Pope Francis

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:11)